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Jericho was the first walled city the Israelites had ever encountered. Jericho was shut up with iron doors and bars of brass because of the children of Israel. Jericho resolved Israel shall not be her Master. It was shut up by the obstinacy and resolution of the inhabitants who agreed never to surrender. Their hearts were hardened in a way that no one could go out – probably to make peace or sign a treaty with the Israelites and no one could come in so the Israelites also would not be able to charge in or possess the land. It was more of an irrevocable decision by the inhabitants of Jericho.
God’s intention was that Israel conquers Jericho along with its King and warriors and He communicated to Joshua how the city should be besieged. God gave them his divine strategy – “March around the city, all your soldiers. Circle the city once. Do it for six days. Have seven priests carry seven ram’s horn trumpets in front of the Chest. On the seventh day march around the city seven times, the priests blowing away on the trumpets. And then, a long blast on the ram’s horn–when you hear that, all the people are to shout at the top of their lungs. The city wall will collapse at once. All the people are to enter, every man straight on in”. (Joshua 6:3-5 MSG)
Ordinarily, priests were excused from war. To the human mind, it may seem foolish to obey and believe a promise which in ordinary sense seemed impossible to be realized. They patiently bore the reproaches of their enemies and patiently waited for God. Thus, by faith not force, the walls of Jericho came down crumbling.
1. March!
Here’s what you are to do: March around the city, all your soldiers. Circle the city once. Repeat this for six days. Joshua 6:3
These were professional soldiers. They are skilled combatants. The only instruction they probably needed was for their leader, Joshua to strategically position them on how to demolish or bring down the wall, and then give the go ahead. They were all waiting for their commander to come out with a military winning strategy to achieve their aim. They were bewildered on hearing the Master say to them all they needed to do is march around the city once and repeat the cycle for 6days.
“Master Joshua, shall we be having a military parade round a city we need to conquer? This is a serious task that needs a winning strategy not a military procession. This is not a swearing-in ceremony or a passing-out ceremony of comrades”, a sergeant mutters. The entire army, which were literally hundreds of thousands of men, should walk around the city wall once a day for six-days – that’s a sheer waste of man-power and underutilization of resources, you may say.
The greatly fortified city of Jericho presented an impossible situation and God gave them winning formula that made light their skill.
God may have positioned you in a divine location and you honestly feel you could have been in a ‘better’ place; you have ‘better’ options. In many scenarios, we try to understand and reason out God’s instructions before carrying them out. They went around the city for six days; it looked like they were walking around in circles with no apparent progress and achievement. They would pass for a skillful boxer punching the air and missing his punches. In situations like this, when we get instructions that tweaks or disabuses our thinking, it’s imperative to just ‘March’ according to his bidding. When God asks you to take steps that makes little sense and seem unrelated to the victory you seek, just follow it through.
The progress may not be visible when carrying it out. Just stick with it. Does it look like a seemingly foolish plan? Just March! Act it out in faith!
2. Shut Up and March!
Joshua had given orders to the people, “Don’t shout. In fact, don’t even speak–not so much as a whisper until you hear me say, ‘Shout!’–then shout away!” Joshua 6:10

Sometimes the best way to carry out God’s instructions is to shut out your voice of reasoning and act it out. Stop whining and moaning around. The earlier you realized that, the better. You keep moaning about God’s instruction, wanting to create a ‘pity-party’ for yourself. Stop the lamentations; quit complaining and just march.
It would interest you to know that not everybody is interested in your convictions. They only want to see the results. So, why keep explaining your convictions to people that are only interested in the results. I feel that’s the number one source of discouragement. They were not there when you saw ‘Moses and Elijah’ on the mount of transfiguration, so you shouldn’t expect them to always gel with the instruction.
When you start hearing words like, “With your educational status, do you honestly feel there is any iota of intelligence in what you are doing? Are you sure this is a viable career path to follow? Those that have experience and are well-grounded in this market have done this business and failed, you honestly don’t have a chance. You are too big for what you are doing, you are under-utilising your skills and capacity”. It’s not the time to get discouraged, just keep marching with diligence
We might want to take a cue from the Shunamite woman, She didn’t speak to Gehazi but she spoke to Elisha. God’s got this!
3. Don’t stop on 6
When the seventh day came, they got up early and marched around the city this same way but seven times–yes, this day they circled the city seven times. Jos.6:15

The priests blew the trumpets. When the people heard the blast of the trumpets, they gave a thunderclap shout. The wall fell at once. The people rushed straight into the city and took it. Jos.6:20
They had gone round the city wall for six days and on the seventh day, they circled it seven times making thirteen times. They marched round the wall of Jericho thirteen times. They did it for six days and nothing visible happened but on the seventh day, the wall of Jericho fell down flat.
You are closer than you think you are. You have been persistent and diligent with the instruction and it all looks like an effort in futility and sheer waste of time; it’s not an excuse to give up, just hold your peace. Don’t stop on the sixth round, go the seventh round. Can you imagine a 600level student of Medicine wanting to quit because he’s spent quite a number of years when he has just one year left to becoming a full-fledge medical doctor? Remember what God told you when you started; reminiscence on why you started. There is more to come! There is a ‘hereafter’!
Don’t worry about how the wall of Jericho would fall flat. Your part of the bargain is to march around it. Leave the outcome to God. While you are working it out, God is working in you to make the victory manifest. It’s still a sure thing!
Just as He gave Joshua his word of assurance, God is saying the same to you; I have given Jericho, its king and mighty men of valor, into your hands.

So don’t throw it all away now. You were sure of yourselves then. It’s still a sure thing! Heb.10:35 (MSG)

No regrets! Stay assured, it’s an unsinkable ground wherein you stand. It’s still a sure thing!



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There was a wedding at Cana of Galilee and Mary, the mother of Jesus was present at the wedding. Jesus and his disciples were also guests at the wedding. While the reception was on, they discovered they were running low on wine. Shortage of provisions when guests are invited to a wedding banquet is considered a sore humiliation. The mother of Jesus in a bid to salvage the situation and save the face of the celebrants came to Jesus for a solution.
The interest which Mary took in the feast and the way in which she addressed the servants, suggests that she was a close friend or a relative of the bridegrooms family. She narrated the unfortunate situation to Jesus and made a petition to him to remedy the situation. Mary could recall the circumstances that surrounded his birth, how that the shepherds were watching over their flock at night and the Angels appeared to them and told them that the Saviour was born. They came in haste and confirmed what the Angels had told them as they saw the babe lying in the manger with his Mother. Mary couldn’t have forgotten so soon how he dazed the teachers of the religious law at age 12. Mary must have heard of what happened at his baptism [where suddenly a voice came from Heaven saying, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”] and of the proclamation which John the Baptist had made concerning him [Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world], and seeing a group of disciples gathered around him, it was very reasonable for her to expect him to do something which would reveal the purposes for which he had been born and manifest in the light of the prophecies and declarations that had gone ahead of him.
His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.” John 2:5

The ‘whatever’ sounds more like, don’t question or try to reason out anything He asks you to do. Yours is not to consider the viability or feasibility of the instruction, just do it. ‘Whatever’ means no restriction to what He can ask you to do. His mother knew He was about to do something extraordinary, so she beckoned on the servants for instant execution.

God’s instructions are for compliance and not for deliberation or negotiation. Follow his instructions wholeheartedly. An instruction obeyed opens up his next move. We should not be too carried away with religious activities at the expense of his instructions. Joseph and Mary travelled 3days before they found out that Jesus wasn’t with them. You shouldn’t have gone too far before realizing you are running on assumptions. We should not trivialize his instructions; they are our guiding light. His instructions should set us on course. We should be sensitive to what new phase or level of instruction He will have us attain.

Jesus said to them, “Fill the water-pots with water.” And they filled them up to the brim. John 2:7

Jesus didn’t ask them to go and borrow waterpots. The water pots He wanted them to use was specified and readily available. The content to fill the waterpots with was specified. And they obeyed by filling the water pots such that nothing else could be added. Everything they needed to carry out the instructions was readily available. Jesus could have asked them to use the empty vessels used to hold the previous wine that was running out, but rather he asked them to use the same set of waterpots that were used for ablution purposes. The waterpots never had wine in them.

God’s instructions are not mathematical methods comprising of real, imaginary or complex numbers. His instructions are express, no ambiguity in them. They are not burdensome, embedded in them are the capsules for its manifestation.

And He said to them, “Draw some out now, and take it to the master of the feast.” And they took it. When the master of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and did not know where it came from (but the servants who had drawn the water knew), the master of the feast called the bridegroom. John 2:8-9

The servants had tenable reasons for not obeying the instructions to the letter but these words kept ringing in their heart, “whatever He asks you to do, just do it”. When Jesus told them to fill the waterpots with water, they did it wholeheartedly because they had read that Wine contains 85 to 90% of water. They knew they were still on course. I could imagine them colliding with one another when trying to fill the waterpots with water. For the first time in their career, they have been afforded the opportunity to learn how to produce wine from the scratch. They are about to witness a wine manufacturing process without paying a dime. ‘This is a great entrepreneurial breakthrough for us’, they said to themselves. ‘It’s such a rare privilege to have a CEO of a wine manufacturing company as a guest at this wedding’, one of the servant muttered.

They were very attentive; they wanted to hear the next set of mineral component to be mixed with the water. Their papers and pen were ready to write ‘step 2’ as they already had ‘step 1’ on paper [Fill jars with water to the brim]. But alas! Step 1 alone was enough to make the Master’s wine ready. At the point of drawing out the water, it turned wine.

God is responsible for the outcome. How he does it is not yours to worry about. Don’t help him add ‘step 2’ to it when he only stopped at ‘step 1’. God cannot be put in a box. Even if he has to flout everything you have ever read about the outcome, just be still. That is why it is called a miracle – a supernatural intervention brought to bare by ‘seemingly’ ordinary human actions.

The widow of Zarephath had reasonable reasons not to heed to Elijah’s instructions of preparing his ration first. It was her last meal but she followed through with the word of the Lord. She enjoyed abundance in her jar of meal and bottle of oil. The walls of Jericho came down on the account of men heeding to God’s instructions of marching around the city. The best wine was produced not out of the finest mixtures of mineral compositions but out of simply following Jesus’ bidding to fill the water-pots with water and draw out a cup to the governor of the ceremony. Who would have thought that the net-breaking harvest of fishes that Peter enjoyed is impregnated on the sincere act of letting down his net into the deep at Jesus’ word.

The water turned to wine when the maid was carrying out the instructions from Jesus. Following through God’s instructions is key to enjoying the miraculous.
The 5loaves and 2fishes kept on multiplying in the hands of the disciples as they gave it to the congregation until they had 12 baskets left over. The miracle happened in the cause of carrying out the instruction. Get a word and follow through.

Write that proposal! Walk up to that person! Submit your CV to that particular company! Start that business! Take those professional certifications! Attend that seminar! Sow that seed! Propose to that sister! (winks)! Take that job offer! Relocate to that City! Start that ministry! Serve in that department! Release that ego, say Sorry! Heed that call to ministry! Say Yes to that Brother’s proposal!

Whatever the instruction is, just do it! Launch out into the deep, it’s a net-breaking harvest.

*While writing this article, some words were so strong in my heart and I believe it’s for someone.
1. The same waterpots that were used for ablutions brought forth the best wine. It’s not over till you win. Things are changing. Tides are turning. Everything is turning around for good.
2. Your world is waiting too but fear has taken over your soul. No limitations! Fear Not! Just Do It!*



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“This is GOD’s Message to Zerubbabel: ‘You can’t force these things. They only come about through my Spirit,’ says GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies.Zech.4:6 (MSG)
This is an encouragement to a man called Zerubbabel, who was the leader of the people of God during the reign of King Darius, King of Persia and who with Joshua had led the return of the exiles from Babylon. The people had returned to Jerusalem from captivity. They had returned with great expectations. But all the expectations were dashed on the hard rock of reality that they could not budge. Jerusalem was a heap of rubbles, a collection of burnt-out buildings. They set out immediately to clear away the rubbles and rebuild the temple. And they had managed to lay the foundation of the temple. But no sooner had the foundation of the temple been laid that trouble set in. The Samaritans; the neighbours interfered by reporting to the King of Persia that the Jews were guilty of insurrection, that their effort to rebuild Jerusalem was an act of rebellion against the King himself. And so, the King put a decisive end on the building project for 16years.
The people of Jerusalem were downcast and this made many pull away from their work. Their passion, excitement, persistence and ginger were cooled by the harsh ice of reality. Now, staring them in the face was an obstacle that seemed insurmountable. Their euphoria of leaving Babylon was displaced with hopelessness. It was gloomy; the obstacles looked like they would last forever. Their expectation was cut-short and their excitement short-lived. They had excellent manpower and technical know-how and had pooled together all the resources needed to complete the project. They were determined and resolute in their will power; their morale was high. But here comes a harsh reality that didn’t respect their ginger, skills, man-power, determination, resources and will power. How frustrating!
Zerubbabel must have looked clueless, not knowing what to do and where to turn to. And then the word of the Lord came to him. How wonderful it is to know that we have a father that is not clueless! How wonderful it is to know that we have a Father who does not leave nor forsake us in ‘down’ times. It was a wonderful word of hope and encouragement in the days of Zerubbabel. It gave Zerubbabel true confidence. Zerubbabel could have been easily discouraged. The task was too enormous for him to accomplish. Yet, God promised Zerubbabel that the work of God would be accomplished through him by his Spirit.
1. Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit
‘Might’ here refers to the combination of forces, whether of man, means or other resources, an army, wealth, virtue, valour, strength. ‘Power’ here refers to vigour, stamina, persistence, capacity, ability, strength. The word of God says, “Not by the pooling of your resources, not by the resolution of your own will or determination, not by bringing to bare all the forces at your disposal”. But by his Spirit – that is, as the candlestick was supplied with oil ceaselessly, from the two olive trees by the side of it, without the help of any man, to pour in the oil, and trim the lamps; so the temple would be built by Zerubbabel, not through the multitude and strength of men, but through the Spirit of God strengthening and enabling them to go through the work.

I know God has a sea world of assignment for you. You have new goals and targets you want to hit. You have pooled resources together. You have able hands at your beck and call but they shouldn’t get your focus. Yes, God will use men and women to assist but they are only a resource, God remains our only source. We are dependent on the Spirit of God. Therein lies our confidence. Our confidence is in the ability of the Spirit at work in us.

David’s dexterity and prowess in slinging a stone from a catapult couldn’t have brought down Goliath (a man that had been a warrior since his youth and a prince of warriors). Samson’s ‘six-packs’ couldn’t have lifted the gate of a whole city and tore a lion with his bare hands. Elisha couldn’t have outrun the chariots of Ahab with his strength.

It is neither the greatness nor the personality of individuals but the enabling power of the Spirit. Not on the rock of human strength, not by persuasion, not by eloquence, not by power of your money nor persistence but by God’s Spirit. Not by anything of yourself but by the Spirit of Christ in you. Not by effort and endeavor in the kingdom of God, but by my Spirit says the Lord.
When it gets to a point when there is a feeling of hopelessness – “what’s the use? What’s the point? ” We might just as well quit and move on”. When great expectations are dashed; when frustration and weariness of the soul seems to be the order of the day; when your convictions and confessions of faith are wavering, just remember that, “Not by host of men, nor through strength. Not by valour or vigour. Not by force or mighty power. Not by military might or army, but by the Spirit.” Depending on our power and strength will always bring frustration. Resting in the consciousness of His ability at work in us and the victory Christ wrought for us is the antidote for frustration.
2. The mighty mountain will become a level ground
‘So, big mountain, who do you think you are? Next to Zerubbabel you’re nothing but a molehill. Zech.4:7
The assignment is surrounded by a lot of human obstacles and you seem frustrated. The dream that was God-ordained now looks like a product of selfish ambition. The vision looks unrealistic and unachievable. In times like this, giving up seems to be wisdom and trying something else would be common sense. Here’s what God is saying to you: Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain.
3. It will come to fruition
David eventually defeated Goliath. Elisha outran the chariots of Ahab. Moses’ rod ended swallowing the rod of Pharaoh’s magicians and astrologers.
The dream will be fulfilled. The vision shall see the light of the day. The purpose will find expression and come to fulfillment.
There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears. Phil.1:6
[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight. Php.2:13

You have come way too far to quit now. Your best years are still ahead. God’s best is never in the past. He helps you run fast like a deer and sets you upon high places. God’s got this!


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God is always dealing with his people per time. The life of a believer is a life that is lived from one instruction to another. It is a life designed to run effectively on the leading of the Holy Spirit for each phase and dispensation. You would also agree with me that the church of God is always transitioning – there was a season of revival of ‘healings and miracles’, at another time there was a large influx of the ‘word of faith’ teachings. More recently, we have been witnessing the revolution of the realities of New Creation and the gospel of grace. Times are changing, new dispensations are emerging and it will take a believer who is given to communion with the Holy Spirit to stay relevant in these changing times.
The instruction that God gave to Abraham was very clear and precise. The object of sacrifice was specified, the location was given and the objectives were spelt out. Abraham needed no more convictions to ascertain it was God speaking; the instruction was accurate to the letter. Abraham was not slack about obeying God. He got up very early in the morning to execute the instruction. He did not mind the obstacles faced while on his way to carry out the bidding. He had to walk three days before finally locating the exact mountain in the land of Moriah where God wanted him to make the sacrifice of the burnt offerings. Abraham reached out and took the knife to kill his son before the Angel of the Lord stopped him and showed him the ram caught in the thicket by his horns to be used in place of Isaac.
What if Abraham had not been in constant fellowship with God? What if the last thing he heard from God was “Take your dear son Isaac whom you love and go to the land of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains that I’ll point out to you.”? If he was not in constant communion with God, he would not have heard the present instruction “Lay not thine hand upon the lad, neither do thou anything unto him…”?

The dividing line between what God said and what God is saying is constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. That God has said something beforehand does not mean He is still saying such neither does it mean He has stopped saying it. All that is needed is for us to hear Him per time and know his mind concerning the present situation – not a truth but the truth. We should be in a relationship that is entirely updated by divine leading. The way to a fulfilling life is through yieldedness and obedience to God’s instructions per time.

Between success and failure is the leading of the Holy Spirit. Capturing what He is saying now is the key to relevance. The Holy Spirit is never out of date. God deals with his people individually. The instruction to ‘A’ may be totally different from ‘B’ even if they are going to have the same output.

Paul and his companions traveled throughout the region of Phrygia and Galatia, HAVING BEEN KEPT BY THE HOLY SPIRIT FROM PREACHING THE WORD IN THE PROVINCE OF ASIA. When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter Bithynia, BUT THE SPIRIT OF JESUS WOULD NOT ALLOW THEM TO. (Acts 16:6-7)

I want to believe Paul had the most dramatic of all conversions in the Scriptures. He went to the Chief Priest to get arrest warrants to take to the meeting places of the Christians in Damascus to get them arrested and brought to Jerusalem. On his way, he was suddenly dazed by a blinding flash of light. He had a dramatic conversion. He met with a disciple named Ananias, whom God had told in a vision the calling of Paul; how that he would bear His name before the Gentiles, and Kings, and the children of Israel. I want to also say that Paul must have read the instructions the master gave saying, “Go ye into all the world…” Paul having been pulled, prepared, pushed to a place with divine power, purpose and provision. He was sure of his convictions and calling. They wanted to preach the gospel in Asia but the Holy Ghost; not the devil or teachers of religious law forbade them. They were resilient and determined to fulfill their calling, so they assayed to go into Bithynia also but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them. Until they saw a vision where a man from Macedonia stood pleading with Paul and saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us” and they inferred that God had called them to proclaim the glad tidings in Macedonia. These guys were going into ‘ALL THE WORLD’ and the Holy Spirit says “stop” and they obeyed. These must have been men that had regard for the voice of the Holy Spirit.

What you want to do for God may not be what He wants you to do for Him. How you want to carry out his assignment may not be how He wants it to be carried out. Our passion and emotions should not be stronger than the leading of the Holy Ghost. There are too many Bithynias and Asias that are good things but not ‘God things’. Discerning the Macedonias is not a function of passion and motivation but of the leading of the Holy Spirit. Not by sentiments, preference or bias but by the Spirit of God. The voice of the Holy Ghost should be louder than your mind.

Jesse presented Eliab, Abinadab, Shammah and his seven other sons to pass before Samuel. Jesse created his hit-list of 10 sons as King but none was God’s anointed. It takes a constant communion with God to know that the Lord’s anointed is not among the 10 even though they may look, talk, act or behave like it. To discern among the Eliabs, Abinadabs and David, it takes the voice of the Lord.

Often times, we make lists for God and then seek his face. We say it’s either the brother is from Prayer Unit or Bible Study Unit. But can we be open to God? As the brother may be in Technical Unit or even in Ushering Unit. You could have two job offers that are lucrative but the Holy Ghost knows which one of them would shut down soon. He is your best career coach. Nobody follows the leading of the Holy Spirit and gets frustrated. The lady might look like it, may even have all the physical attributes but not the one for you. It takes Spiritual Intelligence to discern.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit should be above our age-long principles and traditions.

God saying ‘NO’ to an option doesn’t mean He is saying ‘YES’ to the alternative. God rejected Eliab and also rejected the next alternative, Shammah. The Holy Spirit forbade them to go to the provinces of Asia but also didn’t allow them to go to ‘Bithynia’. It takes a deep-rooted fellowship to discern what God is saying to the present situation. It takes a constant communion to distinguish between the voice of the Holy Ghost and the voice of your emotions.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, AND THE COMMUNION OF THE HOLY GHOST, be with you all. Amen. 2Cor.13:14

In all our busyness and activities, can we create time for fellowship? Religious activities can never replace fellowship. I am not sure your itinerary is as choked as Jesus’ when He was on earth, yet He had time for fellowship. Ever wondered how Jesus had the right answers for all the tricky questions the Pharisees posed to him? Ever wondered the kind of wisdom he walked in that his adversaries were not able to resist or gainsay? Ever wondered how He was never caught unawares and knew what was in the heart of man even before saying it? Ever wondered how He knew when to stay or leave when dealing with the Pharisees? At the center of it all is fellowship. Apostle Paul was always going from one church to the other, from one city to the other, appearing before Kings yet He was given to fellowship. Even in Prison, Paul and Silas were still fellowshipping.

Every fellowshipping believer will always be fulfilled – Lanre ‘Rex’ Onasanya


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We live in a digital age where we get easily distracted by irrelevant environmental stimuli and less able to maintain our focus on a particular task. An age where the message alerts on our smartphones is contesting for our attention while studying God’s word. It is an age where we are adept at finding and filtering information, responding to stimuli and doing fast incisive analysis. An age that makes us turn to our search engines for all our “Hows” and the Word of God becomes less comprehensive and incisive to answer our questions. It’s an age where social media is competing with the Holy Spirit for the hearts of men. It’s an age where we want to know trending topics and hash tags on the Internet yet can’t decipher the heart of the Father for a particular dispensation. An age where we are fully dependent on technology, socially responsible, always connected yet don’t mind being spiritually bankrupt. And it is looking more like the wisdom of God made available to man is something that worked before and has lost relevance today. But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of GOD IS MADE UNTO US WISDOM, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: 1Cor.1:30 By our New Birth in Christ, we have absolutely become partakers of the nature of God. Now, Jesus is made unto us wisdom. The same wisdom that founded the earth and established the heavens now indwells us. The divine nature makes us a dominant personality. We can’t be conquered any more than they could conquer Christ. We no longer belong to the old way of living in the realm of the senses. We are now in the new family of Divine Life. We are partakers of the divine nature. We are in the realm of Life with God and we reign as Kings in this realm of Life. Our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ and not with Angels. If there is a heavenly football team, we would be in the same team with God (1John 1:3). We are in the same league with God (1Cor.6:17). We have the very nature of God. By the virtue of our union with Christ, we have a wisdom that is not sensual, that makes us superior. We have a vast inheritance and wisdom to enjoy all things that belongs to us. Wisdom is not something you are struggling for and trying to get. You have the wisdom of this new kind of Life; the wisdom that gives you the ability to make right choices, to do the right things at the right time with the right people and at the right location. The body of Christ is an embodiment of the manifold, many-sided wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects. The church is the depot of God’s wide-shining and multifarious wisdom on earth. My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, IN ORDER THAT THEY MAY KNOW THE MYSTERY OF GOD, NAMELY, CHRIST, IN WHOM ARE HIDDEN ALL THE TREASURES OF WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE. (Col.2:2-3) All the richest treasures of wisdom and knowledge are embedded in Christ who has been made the wisdom of God unto us. By virtue of our New Birth, we are now in Christ; and He in us. We have the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Christ revealed to us. The wisdom that knows what to do with the insufficient to make it sufficient. The wisdom that is far more superior to the natural (sensual) wisdom. The wisdom that defies the law of weight and upthrust to make an axe-head float. The wisdom that understands and interpret trends and makes the most of it. The wisdom that knows what’s in the heart of men without interrogation. The wisdom that knows what to do without an experience. The wisdom that knows the particular side of river to let the net into for a ground breaking harvest. The wisdom that violates the law of banking to deposit gold coins in the mouth of a fish. The wisdom that suspended the heavens above the earth without pillars. The wisdom that specifies boundaries to the oceans and seas. The wisdom that produces the best wine when the former wine was exhausted. The wisdom that brings forth life in a dead situation. The truth is there are too many issues that the sensual wisdom cannot solve. Also, there are quite many situations and circumstances that simply opt not to respect the wisdom of men. The wise men had everything. They had a world acclaimed name and access to Herod. They had treasures (wealth) but couldn’t locate Jesus until they saw the star. They were wise men but they couldn’t locate Jesus. The woman had hemorrhage for 12years and doctors (specialists and consultants) had collected all her life-savings in a bid to cure her hemorrhage but all to no avail until she touched Jesus. The disciples were in a storm and Jesus was sleeping. Peter being an experienced fisherman must have told them to keep calm and narrated his ordeals with storms while he was a fisherman and how he conquered the tempest. He must have told them not to fidget and promised them he was going to combat the situation like he did in Capernaum, Galilee, Macedonia etc. Peter must have explained the technology of maneuvering boats in the storm, but guess this wasn’t like the other storms; all efforts to calm it proved abortive. But, when Jesus rose to the occasion, He calmed the storm. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream and he didn’t want to relate it. He decided to indeed know the wisdom his kingdom was resting upon by asking for both dream and its interpretation. He believed that, if any of the wise men and astrologers could tell him the dream, then he could also trust its interpretation. He called his Special Advisers and Private Consultants, Personal Assistants and Confidential Secretaries who know their onions. He beckoned on men that bagged Ph.D in Human Relations and Complex Analysis, M.Sc in Discerning of thoughts and Visions, Emeritus Professors of Dream Interpretation and Mind reading, Professors of Zodiac Signs and Astrology and B.Sc in Metaphysical dimensions but they all couldn’t find and interpret the dream until Daniel (a man who has an excellent spirit and in whom the wisdom of God dwells) showed up. He did not only tell the King his unrevealed dream but also the interpretation and its implications. Pharaoh’s dream could not be interpreted despite that he had astrologers that could turn their rods to snakes but guess this was beyond them. Joseph was located and he interpreted the dream. King Belshazzar saw disembodied hand writing on the wall of the palace and he was troubled. He called the enchanters, fortune tellers, diviners and wise men from Babylon to interpret the writing but they couldn’t. But, Daniel who had an excellent spirit and functioned above the sensual wisdom was able to bail them out. We have men who know their onions handling various sectors of the economy, yet nothing is really changing. Malaria now looks like an ‘everlasting’ battle our dear country is fighting. Excelling in Mathematics and English Language in the Senior School Certificate Examination now looks like an insurmountable mountain our brothers and sisters in the high school are facing. People are living in fear and anxiety; living everyday as if it is their last because of insurgencies. In the midst of abundance, people are dying of starvations, parents are selling their kids as sex slaves in the name of survival, and lives are being lost as illegal immigrants are doing all they can to find greener pastures. Politics without conscience is defining government for us and the whole nation is groaning. You are in that field of endeavor for such a time as this; to reveal God’s manifold wisdom and be a solution to groanings and yearnings of man. You were given that employment to manifest the wide-shining wisdom from above. In the midst of all the shaking, God is revealing his sons who are stewards of His multifarious wisdom. A greater than Daniel is here! This is who we are in Christ. Rise up to take your place and enjoy the riches that belong to you by learning to give place to the wisdom of God in you. You will learn to have confidence in the God who is in you. All you have to do is just act on his word; walk in his word. That is his wisdom and you will be amazed how sweet and beautiful life becomes. When you go out in the morning to face life’s hard challenges, you should remember the truth that you have his wisdom now to meet every need of the day. You have to meet quite a number of people. Some of them are going to be very nasty, cunny and deceptive like wolves in sheep’s clothing, but you have his wisdom and ability to handle them successfully. You have wisdom superior to theirs. They have nothing but material, human wisdom. You have His wisdom. He has been made unto you wisdom. God’s wisdom is ageless but always timely. We are stewards of the secrets of God – Tolulope Moody


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